New Construction

In order for your commercial property to be as profitable as possible, it is necessary for your electrical system to be custom designed to provide for the unique needs of your business. When you are constructing a new commercial property, you have the opportunity to design and install an electrical system specifically for that purpose. Reach out to L&C Electric Corp. to make sure you have a safe, efficient, and reliable electrical system for your commercial property.


Most commercial remodeling projects involve hiring a commercial electrical contractor to handle the electrical work. We regularly offer electrical contract services to commercial remodelers, building owners, property managers, and investors.

All of our electrical remodeling work is done according to code. Our skilled electrical contractors do everything to finish our electrical remodeling work on time, safely, and according to the budget.

Energy Saving Lighting

Every commercial property owner wants to save on the energy bill. Replacing old light fixtures with energy-saving lighting is a good strategy to increase the energy-efficiency of your commercial building.

Many property owners and managers choose to invest more upfront with an LED retrofit. This is a full-scale replacement of the outdated light fixtures with LED fixtures. This saves much more energy than just screwing an LED bulb into an old light socket or installing an LED adapter. Also, energy-saving lighting in LED’s last longer, around 12 to 15 years while incandescent commercial lights last only from 3-5.

Security Lighting

Good security lighting is an essential safety system for every commercial building. Employees, customers, and all occupants need good light to see by in various locations on the commercial property.

Indoor security lighting and emergency lighting directs occupants to the exits during a fire. Parking lot lighting, down lighting, and pole lighting increases property security and minimizes accidents. Whether it’s indoors or out, security lighting is necessary.

Restaurant Maintenance

One of the most important systems to keep maintained in your restaurant is the electrical system. The wiring, the service panel, the connections, and all other components are what power your business and bring you revenue. Restaurant electrical maintenance keeps the building safe and protects your equipment from electrical damage.

If you’ve been looking for a commercial electrical contractor who will partner with you to maintain your restaurant’s electrical system, call us. You’ll get nothing but honest, ethical advice and top-quality service from L&C Electric Corp.

Apartment Maintenance

Apartments are tough to own and harder to manage. You’ll need the help of many different specialists including a qualified and competent commercial electrical contractor to keep the building and community safely powered.

When you find a good electrical contractor you can trust for the apartment electrical maintenance, you don’t deal with mistakes, dishonest treatment, or building code fines. With the right electrician, the work is done fast and right the first time.

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